Why choose us?

Robinson & Turley stocks the most manufactured stone in central Kentucky. We offer 21 different styles and colors, along with many other accessories. Our new showroom allows our customers to make the best choice for their next building project with ease.

We also stock many other building components, including:
  • Complete line of concrete block and associated products
  • Full line of masonry accessories including trowels, levels, and jointers
  • Paver brick
  • Fire brick and flue liners
  • Rebar - by the ton or piece
  • Retaining wall block
  • Metal and plastic culvert with sizes ranging from 10" to 36" in diameter in various lengths
  • 4" drain tile
  • Tools such as wheelbarrows and shovels
  • Limestone address stones

Our Hours

  • Monday - Friday
    7am - 4pm
  • Saturday
    7am - 11am
  • Sunday
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